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Impact Report

Envisioning the Future of Conservation

Envisioning the Future of Conservation

With your support, we accomplished so much from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022 — from land transactions and stewardship projects to fundraising and community engagement — which you can more read about below. But one of our most notable achievements was taking the time to step back and look at the bigger picture: at where POST stands now, where we want to go and how we need to evolve in order to get there. We’re moving forward with trust in each other, faith in our growing community and a vision of positive impact on our region for the years ahead.


A look at some of POST’s accomplishments during the 2022 fiscal year.

Thank You to Our Donors

Thanks to the support you provide for our towering redwoods, fertile farmland, sweeping vistas and wildlife, we are protecting and caring for the landscapes that make the Peninsula and South Bay so spectacular. Your generous contributions are vital to the ongoing health and beauty of our region, allowing us to plan for the longterm, continuously adapt our mission to serve the changing environment, and preserve the beauty of this place we call home. Thank you.

Our 2021 – 2022 Accomplishments

Our spectacular local landscapes provide critical wildlife habitat, access to nature so that people can recharge, land for local farmers and a natural infrastructure that helps reduce the effects of climate change. At POST, we recognize that both land preservation and ongoing care are essential to the health of our region. Flip through our Impact Report to read President Walter Moore’s reflections from the year and view major organizational milestones.

Articulating Our Core Values

One notable achievement of last fiscal year was the development of core values, which are the pillars of our identity and the principles that affect the way we conduct our work and make decisions. They will help us evolve in these challenging, changing times. Developed through an inclusive process involving both staff and the Board, our values include:

Nature Connects Us AllNature Connects Us All

We believe that we are part of an interconnected web of life and that diversity of all types creates strength and resilience. In our work, we strive to protect and heal the ecosystems that support our collective well-being.

Act Today for the Long-TermAct Today for the Long-Term

We take action today in ways that support our bold, long-term vision. We accept and balance the tension between the present and the future while staying true to our purpose.

Commit to Learning & GrowthCommit to Learning and Growth

We are creative, curious and courageous in our approaches and willing to change course when necessary. We learn from our successes and mistakes.

Care About How We WorkCare About How We Work

We believe all living things should be treated with dignity. We acknowledge the many injustices against people and nature. We are dedicated to strive for equity in our actions.

Honor Our Collective StrengthsHonor Our Collective Strengths

We have the most positive impact when we work together towards a shared vision. We catalyze, collaborate and complement to support the best outcomes for all.

The Pillars of Our Strategic Plan

We took much of the last year to step back, reflect, listen and plan for the years ahead by completing a new strategic plan. After interviewing over 40 local conservation-based partners, developing a State of Conservation Report that set the contextual backdrop for envisioning our future and holding multiple brainstorming sessions with our staff and Board, we determined that the following three areas of focus would serve as pillars for our work. Moving forward, we will approach our work with an explicit intention to:

Preserve BiodiversityPreserve Biodiversity

POST will protect, restore, steward and functionally connect a mosaic of habitats and land uses across our region that preserve our unique biodiversity.

Build Climate ResilienceBuild Climate Resistance

POST will implement land protection and management strategies that build adaptive capacity and resilience to climate change impacts – including drought, fire and increased temperatures.

Create Equitable AccessCreate Equitable Access

POST will create and nurture sustainable long-term connections between people and nature, addressing current inequities by centering underserved and historically excluded communities in our work.

Conservation & Stewardship Accomplishments

During the 2021 – 2022 fiscal year, we grew our conserved acreage to nearly 83,000 acres and worked behind the scenes to set the stage of future significant transaction. But much of our work occurs in the space between protecting land and transferring it to the most appropriate partner for ongoing management. We take that time to restore landscapes and enhance natural resources, build wildfire resilience, conduct studies to understand local wildlife movement and pursue other projects that ensure the land can continue to be well-managed in the long-term.

A Year Of Progress

In the past fiscal year, we took steps to shape the future of our organization by publishing our State of Conservation Report, finalizing our new strategic plan and defining our core values. Additionally, we engaged the community with opportunities to interact through group hikes and major events, supported the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe’s creation of their land trust and saw incredible generosity from our donors — thank you.


Below are POST’s most recently audited financials.

Statement of Financial Position as of June 30, 2022

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