Update from Tunitas Creek Beach: Q&A with San Mateo County Parks

To keep you in the loop with our progress at Tunitas Creek Beach, we caught up with San Mateo County Parks to ask them a few questions about this project. Here's our conversation.

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From Ravaged Beach to Public Park

We’re pleased to announce POST’s acquisition of 58 acres on the southern end of Tunitas Creek Beach. Learn more about this recent acquisition and our plans for this coastal treasure.

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Invasive Species: Jubata grass

Invasive grasses are a serious problem on our Cloverdale Coastal Ranches property. Let's learn more about where the grasses come from and how we can manage them.

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How to Fix A Landslide

On March 8th of last year, in the middle of a stormy night, a massive landslide occurred near the town Pescadero, CA. This is a story about what it takes to be good stewards of the land – to protect and care for our special open spaces. Dive in!

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Data Driven Stewardship

Current research suggests that well-managed grass fed cattle operations can have a beneficial impact on local ecology. Could this be a win-win for cattle ranchers and conservationists?

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Understanding Butano Creek

We're working to reconnect Butano Creek near Pescadero, CA to approximately 100 acres of its historical floodplain. Here's what we're doing to gauge our success.

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Tour POST-protected Pillar Point Bluff

We know you love to hike, bike, and walk your dogs on our beloved local open spaces. One of those special places is Pillar Point Bluff, a POST-protected property just north of Half Moon Bay that’s a favorite destination for hikers, dog-walkers, and birdwatchers.

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Pillar Point Bluff: From Dream to Reality

In 1976, a year before POST was founded, San Mateo County Parks completed their first comprehensive Trails Plan. In it, they envisioned a public trail hugging the coast all the way from Thornton Beach to Año Nuevo.

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