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This Cesar Chavez Day, we’re celebrating all the farmers and farm workers that work so hard to make California’s agricultural output the nation’s largest.

The San Francisco Peninsula was historically largely agricultural, thanks to its rich, fertile soils, and was actually the world’s largest fruit-production and packing region until the 1960s. Silicon Valley was originally referred to as the Valley of Heart’s Delight, thanks to the bountiful apricot and prune orchards that blanketed the Peninsula before the digital revolution switched trees for tech.

Though much of that agricultural land has been lost to development, a significant amount remains, and working to preserve that farmland and the livelihoods of those who farm it is a vital part of POST’s mission. Making sure this farmland is protected in perpetuity gives Bay Area residents access to a wealth of healthy, local food choices and boosts the local economy, all while protecting scenic landscapes, water resources, and wildlife habitat. POST supports sustainable, local food production by protecting farmland and selling and leasing land to local farmers and ranchers.

Fertile farmland on the San Mateo Coast (c) William Matthias 2005

POST has protected a wide variety of farms and ranches on the San Francisco Peninsula. Blue House FarmPie Ranch, and Root Down Farm are just a few examples of innovative young farmers committed to sustainably feeding their local communities. Each of these farms offers a unique combination of vegetables, fruits, flowers, meat, and dry goods for sale, and all three are located on POST-protected land in Pescadero.

You can learn more about these farms, and other farms POST has protected here.

A beautiful Chiogga beet destined for Blue House Farm’s CSA boxes © Paolo Vescia 2008
Working farm Pie Ranch gets students out on the land and educates them on how their food is grown. © Paolo Vescia 2012
Root Down Farm’s farmers welcome a new batch of certified organic baby chicks © Ann Duwe 2014

You can help POST keep local farms in production as a consumer, too! Get your fill of tasty local fruits, vegetables, eggs, and meats at local farmers markets and through Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs.

So today, take a minute to think about where your food comes from and give thanks for the hard work of the people who make it all happen.

Happy Cesar Chavez Day!

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