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Over the past 40 years, POST has protected more than 75,500 acres of land. Most of this land is now open to the public. Yep, that’s right – it’s all yours to explore. And to make it a little easier for you, we’ve featured several hikes on our website with helpful tips, maps and links so you can learn what you need to get out and hit the trails.

So where will you explore? Consider these hikes, which were the top 10 most popular on our website in 2017:

Rancho Corral de Tierra - POST


10. Rancho Corral de Tierra

Hike difficulty: Moderate
Overview: This landmark along Highway 1 harbors one-of-a-kind flora and fauna on 4,262 acres of steep, rugged terrain. Find more information here.


9. Purisima Creek

Hike difficulty: Moderate
Overview: This hike meanders through redwoods and along a creek before climbing up to a more exposed ridge and back down to another stream in a quiet forest. Find more information here.

Cowell Ranch Beach - POST


8. Cowell Ranch Beach

Hike difficulty: Easy
Overview: You’d never guess this gem of a coastal landscape exists so near the rush of traffic along Highway 1. Find more information here.

Mindego Hill - POST


7. Mindego Hill

Hike difficulty: Moderate
Overview: The preserve is one of the best places in the Bay Area to spot raptors. Wildflowers are also abundant in the spring in May and June. Find more information here.

Coal Creek Waterfall - POST


6. Waterfall at Coal Creek

Hike difficulty: Easy
Dog friendly!
Overview: This hike offers a lovely mix of woods and grassy patches, with an energetic stream winding through it all. Find more information here.


Windy Hill - POST


5. Windy Hill

Hike difficulty: Easy
Dog friendly!
Overview: This popular hike provides beautiful views of the entire Peninsula from the summit of Windy Hill. Find more information here.

Arastradero - POST


4. Arastradero Creek Loop

Hike difficulty: Easy
Dog friendly!
Overview: The 609-acre Pearson-Arastradero Preserve is easily accessible from Highway 280 and this hike meanders through massive valley oaks and offer’s panoramic views of the Bay. Find more information here.


Wavecrest, POST


3. Wavecrest Trail

Hike difficulty: Easy
Dog friendly!
Overview: You don’t have to be a raptor to appreciate Wavecrest’s salt air or the view of whales spouting offshore. Find more information here.



2. Bair Island

Hike difficulty: Easy
Overview: Opened in late 2015, Bair Island has great views of the Bay and the adjacent restored wetlands. Find more information here.

Cowell Purisima Trail - POST



1. Cowell-Purisima Trail

Hike difficulty: Easy
Overview: The Cowell-Purisima trail offers spectacular views of the ocean and the Santa Cruz Mountains. The northern end of the trail begins above a small state-managed beach and continues south across three bridges and past rich, productive farm fields. Find more information here.


Want more hiking resources? Check out our new Hiking Calendar, which highlights the best regional trails to hike each month and our Hikes Guide which features 30 of our favorite local trails.

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