Woodrats: A Home for the Holidays
December 22, 2016

Rats? Ew, gross. That's a pretty typical response when thinking about rats. But maybe that's because you've never met a dusky-footed woodrat. They're actually extremely organized and sanitary. Curious? Learn more here!

Posted on By Matt Dolkas
Why does rain smell so good?
October 11, 2016

Take a good sniff! Doesn't rain smell so good? But where does that great smell come from? Find the answers here.

Posted on By Matt Dolkas
Listening for Marbled Murrelets
August 31, 2016

New technology helped us confirm the presence of marbled murrelets at POST-protected San Vicente Redwoods for the first time since 1914. But where do we go from here?

Posted on By Nicole Heller
Yes, in my backyard!
August 15, 2016

When you picture “wildlife habitat” a backyard is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Dr. Nicole Heller, our Director of Conservation Science, shares her go-to rules for landscaping that will help native Californian species flourish.

Posted on By Nicole Heller
Watersheds of the Peninsula in 90 Seconds
May 26, 2016

In this video, Dr. Nicole Heller, POST’s former Director of Conservation Science, explains our local watersheds, why they’re important and some of the best places to get out and explore them for yourself.

Posted on By Nicole Heller
Ant Squad to the Rescue
May 24, 2016

Twice a year a volunteer group called the “Ant Squad” comes together to survey Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve just West of Palo Alto, CA. This long-term monitoring team is helping us to better understand the long-term impact of invasive insects on natural systems.

Posted on By Nicole Heller
Indigenous Stewardship and Conservation In A Changing World
April 18, 2016

How did Native Americans influence the ecosystems of the Peninsula? What can we learn from those interactions and how do we apply what we are learning? We answer these questions and more...

Posted on By Nicole Heller
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