Snakes on a Plain: Monitoring the Endangered San Francisco Garter Snake

Meet Patrick Lien, a snake researcher with the U.S. Geologic Survey and learn about his work studying the endangered San Francisco garter snake.

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Fisher Creek: A Lifeline for Wildlife

We knew Fisher Creek was important for the movement of wildlife, but just how important has surprised us. Find the story here.

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7 Animals and Their Tracks

Tracks are like clues to a great puzzle. Take a flip through this digital book and brush up on your tracking knowledge before your next hike.

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What Makes A Healthy Landscape Linkage?

Dive into this interactive graphic and explore the ingredients needed to protect and enhance healthy landscape linkages in the Bay Area.

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Tracking Bobcats in Coyote Valley (part 3)

We're tracking bobcats in Coyote Valley to learn how they move across the land. Hear the story of two mother cats as they navigate this complex landscape.

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Tracking Bobcats in Coyote Valley (part 2)

We're tracking bobcats with radio collars in Coyote Valley. Meet five of these cats and learn how they're helping to inform our conservation strategies.

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Tracking Bobcats in Coyote Valley (part 1)

Coyote Valley is one of the most important wildlife corridors in the Bay Area. We're tracking bobcat and gray fox in the Valley to better understand their movement and how to protect their habitat. Learn more here!

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The Food Web of Bair Island

On a kayaking trip, Dr. Nicole Heller, our Former Director of Conservation Science, was surprised at the life she encountered at Bair Island. Take a look at the richness of this place in our Bair Island food web infographic.

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Woodrats: A Home for the Holidays

Rats? Ew, gross. That's a pretty typical response when thinking about rats. But maybe that's because you've never met a dusky-footed woodrat. They're actually quite civilized. Curious? Learn more here!

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