Mobile Wildlife Wallpapers

Keep it wild with these mobile wildlife wallpapers. We’ve compiled our best wildlife images for you to use as wallpaper on your mobile phones. These animals all inspire our work to protect open spaces on the Peninsula. We hope they will inspire you too and remind you how special this place is we call home.

Scroll down for instructions on how to download these images to your mobile phone.









Cooper’s hawk

Northern Harrier, aka marsh hawk, in flight

Northern harrier


Black-tailed deer


Mountain lion


Chalcedon checkerspot butterfly


San Francisco garter snake


Common yellowthroat

To download these images to your smartphone:

1. Open this webpage from your smartphone
2. Touch the photo you want to download
3. A new page will open with that image displayed
4. Hold down on the image for a few seconds and a menu will appear
5. Save the image to your phone
6. Open the image from your photo album
7. Select the options menu
8. Select “use as wallpaper”

Photo credits:

Bobcat -© Steve Blank 2009, Coyote – © Teddy Miller 2015, Cooper’s hawk – © Peter LaTourrette 2008, Northern harrier – © Glenn Nevill 2015, Black-tailed deer – © Teddy Miller 2015, Mountain lion – Paul Houghtaling 2012, Chalcedon checkerspot butterfly – © Judy Kramer 2012, San Francisco garter snake – © Sebastian Kennerknecht 2015, Common yellowthroat – © Dan Quinn

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