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POST’s Website Management

This page provides a view of the work, people involved and undergoing projects of the Website Design and Development position at POST as well as access to some useful resources for POST employees.

POST’s Web Development and Design Principles

  • Provide a secure/private platform that has the highest availability possible
  • Engage diverse online audiences in order to advance our mission through:
    • A great user interface and navigation
    • Relevant content and compelling styling
    • Broad findability and usability
  • Maintain a collaborative, MVP approach with all stakeholders regarding design and development processes
  • Continue to adopt a testing culture by collecting, measuring, tracking, and analyzing data that provides insights that help us refine our work.


Website Status

While we work hard to keep our website’s downtime to under 1% you can use the page status.openspacetrust.org to check if our site is down or you are having issues with your Internet connection. The Status Page is independent from the website but don’t forget to bookmark it since you’ll need the direct link if you are unable to reach POST website in the first place.

Web User Personas

These are the three Personas profile developed for our website work. They reflect the common denominator of our web users and can be used to hold discussions for planning:
Emotionally Connected Loyalist
Active / Affluent / Influential Professional
Millennial Young Family

Web Styling

Learn about our Brand guidelines and our website colors and typography by consulting our online Official Brand Styling Guide

Training (Updated)

Due to the increasing amount of resources and in order to keep things more organized all previous links to training materials have been moved to this location on Box.  Along with the existing videos on how to use our WordPress Theme there are are several new resources like videos and ebooks for training on SEO Copywriting, Accessibility, Content Strategy and Progressive Web Apps among others.  These materials are all aimed at supporting our work on our existing projects as well as those in the near horizon.


  • Website Design and Development: FY Projects and Maintenance
  • User Experience mapping and improvement
  • Website and Server Performance and Security
  • Web Analytics tracking and reporting. See this example
  • Online Conversion Optimization
  • Collaborating with the SalesForce Admin for Web and Database integrations
  • Web Presence monitoring & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Marketing Support: WSLS, Annual Report, Gated Content
  • Website user Management, support and training
  • Technology adoption, integration and maintenance
  • Long Term planning and Budgeting

FY 2021 Web Projects

  1. Website Maintenance and improvements
  2. Marketing Operations Support
    • Awareness Campaign Support
  3. Accessibility Improvements for ADA Compliance
  4. Web forms improvements
    Collaborate with the SalesForce management to support the selection and web implementation of front-facing elements including the volunteer portal, the events and contact us forms and email preference page.

The Management

To keep up with the fast paced growth of POST and its online needs the Web Design and Development manager position has evolved from that of a webmaster and developer to a project manager and team lead.

Using an Agile Project Management methodology and a team of developers, designers and experts we continue to find ways to innovate and keep up with the velocity and volume demands of POST’s growth.

POST Virtual Team

Jeff Wong, Lead Developer, DaySpring Tech.

Paul Tomanpos, UX Designer, DaySpring Tech.

Jon Yee, Developer,
DaySpring Tech.

Matthew Denton, Technology Advisor, WordPress

James Kye, Creative Strategy, DaySpring Tech.

ADA Compliance

At POST we are committed to ADA compliance, in January 2020 we did an audit and determined that we can do better. This is the currently status of our work:

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