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Pumpkin Patches on the Peninsula and in the South Bay
September 22, 2023
Looking for that perfect pumpkin patch? Here are our favorites.
Posted on By Benjamin Wright
On the Brink: Burrowing Owls Find Sanctuary
September 17, 2023
Burrowing owls are adorable and fascinating, but they're increasingly rare in the Bay Area. Thanks to a promising new project, they now have safe, private places to nest.
Posted on By Leslie Patron
A Key Connection Protected: Mount Madonna North Reserve
September 8, 2023
Recently, POST partnered with Santa Clara Valley Habitat Agency and Santa Clara County Parks to purchase and protect Mount Madonna North Reserve.
Posted on By Lindsay Peterson
Six Stunning Bay Area Gardens for You to Explore
September 3, 2023
Learn more about plants and immerse yourself in tranquil, colorful settings at these free or affordable Bay Area gardens.
Posted on By Leslie Patron

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Santa Clara County Parks Fall Festival at Martial Cottle Park

  • 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Event Details
Come celebrate our valley's rich agricultural history with Santa Clara County Parks! Their 7th Annual Fall Festival will have local arts, crafts and foods, kids activities, agricultural workshops, animal presentations, historical autos, antique farm equipment, live music, food trucks, exhibitors, entertainment, pumpkin patch - and more.
  • In Person

The Hiking Club: Reception & Artist Talk

  • 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • 10
Event Details
POST is partnering with the New Museum of Los Gatos (NUMU) during their opening of a new exhibit called "The Hiking Club: A Vocabulary of Yearning." Through evocative drawings, etchings, and paintings, Linda Simmel explores personal and cultural connections between landscape, memory, and history. The Hiking Club: A Vocabulary of Yearning intertwines the story of being the daughter of an immigrant, with the sublime in nature. The works in the show are in part homage to landscape, trees, and the histories they’ve lived in, as well as Simmel’s immigrant father and the time in which he lived. Representatives of POST will be on hand to share about our work and enjoy the exhibit with guests/
  • In Person
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