Our Commitment to Agricultural Conservation

Sustainable and environmentally responsible farming practices are good for the land and contribute to the vitality of local communities. Local farms create jobs and make healthy food options available while supporting the local economy.

Unfortunately, local farming faces an uncertain future with 46% of San Mateo County’s farms disappearing since 1990. Coastal farms and ranches are actively sought after by wealthy buyers for private estates. This has inflated land prices, making it harder for farmers to get started in the Bay Area.

This is why agricultural lands have become a priority for POST, representing a third of the land we’ve protected. We work with farm owners and operators to secure farmland and natural resources, protecting our agricultural heritage and sustaining future generations.

POST is committed to preserving the agricultural heritage of the San Mateo Coast. Click the image to see where we’ve made an impact.

Farmland Futures Initiative

At POST, we are working to reverse the trend of disappearing farmland through a combination of land acquisition, legal land protection and strategic investments in infrastructure.

Learn more about the work we’re doing to preserve farmland on the San Mateo coast and discover how you can help.


Making an Impact

The agricultural heritage of the San Mateo Coast is central to POST’s work. Since 2015, shortly before launching our Farmland Futures Initiative, we have taken the following steps to preserve the future of local farmland through land protection and significant infrastructure improvements.

As of December 31, 2020:


Land Protection

Blue House FarmProtected nine farms and ranches totaling 1,858 acres.


Blue House Farm HousingCompleted three farmworker housing projects providing a total of 22 bedrooms for workers and their families with more in the works.

Irrigation and Drinking Water

Reservoir at Blue House FarmCompleted nine wells, four springs and partnered with RCD on two farm ponds with three more ponds underway to give farmers water security and reduce creek withdrawals.

Agricultural Buildings

Root Down BarnRepaired and constructed 13 barns/sheds for farm and livestock operations.

Agricultural Leases

Gordon RidgeManaged 18 farm and grazing leases to local operators on over 4,050 acres and replaced 12.5 miles of ranch perimeter fencing.

Repair and Restoration

BridgePartnered with RCD on the Butano Creek reconnection and floodplain restoration projects and are planning for three more; replaced a bridge over Butano Creek.

Investing in Farmland on the San Mateo Coast

Our commitment to preserving the future of farming on the San Mateo Coast is reflected in our investments in the region since 2015.

As of December 31, 2020:


Land Protection
Rising Acres Farm

$42,345,000 Invested: Since launching FFI, POST has invested over $42M to purchase land and conservation easements along the coast, preserving farms and rangeland.

Stewardship Projects
R&R Fresh Farms

$4,853,000 Invested: Through FFI and public agency partnerships, POST has invested in farm and ranch infrastructure on the San Mateo Coast.

Learn More About Our Other Program Areas

POST is committed to protecting local farmland and improving agricultural infrastructure.

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