Local farmland is disappearing, fast. In San Mateo County alone, we have lost 35% of our farmland over the last 30 years. If it continues at this rate, there will soon be none left. At Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST), we believe that it’s possible to save local farms for the benefit of us all. It’s a complex challenge that will involve a combination of land acquisition, legal land protection and strategic investments in farmland infrastructure. After nearly three decades of protecting working lands, POST is ready and we hope you are too.

The Goals

POST started FFI with a campaign goal of raising $25M to fund farmland protection ($24M) and infrastructure improvements ($1M). To date, POST has raised $10.53M, 42% of our fundraising goal. We are incredibly grateful to the supporters who have helped to launch this campaign.




To make a gift to the Farmland Futures Initiative, please contact Linda Chin at lchin [@] openspacetrust.org. or alternatively use the button on the right.

Where We Will Work

Farmland Futures Map

How We Do It

POST uses a time-tested methodology for evaluating working lands for acquisition and protection. For FFI, we have adapted our traditional project evaluation criteria to prioritize agricultural values. Once we’ve done our analysis, we work with willing landowners to purchase the land or to preserve it with legal protections called “conservation easements.” Easements allow the land to stay in agricultural production while removing the threat of development and protect the natural resources.

On the lands we own, we offer farmers long-term leases and invest in land improvement projects that are crucial to viable farming operations. The combination of land preservation, a reliable lease and infrastructure that works well ensures that we achieve the conservation outcomes that we all want to see.

Download our Farmland Futures Initiative brochure here.

Success Stories


PROTECTED: Potrero Nuevo Farm

PROTECTED: Blue House Farm in San Gregorio


PROTECTED: Pebble Beach Farm


Stewardship Stories: Root Down Barn Ch. 1

Stewardship Stories: Root Down Barn Ch. 2

Save Local Farms for Us All

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