The Making of Giants: Redwood Forest Restoration in the Santa Cruz Mountains

We have a plan to restore the redwood forest at POST-protected San Vicente Redwoods - we're working to make giant trees. Watch the video and learn more.

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Where to Find Spring Wildflowers

Want to see the spring bloom? Learn where to go and find information on 30 of our local flowers with our handy wildflower guide!

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Re-Oaking: The Future of Silicon Valley

To help build a more ecologically resilient Bay Area, researchers at the San Francisco Estuary Institute have a creative solution: re-oaking! Here's what the future holds for oaks in the Silicon Valley.

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Lessons Learned at Cloverdale Coastal Ranches

Land intern, Beatrix Jimenez, took on a large project this summer working to measure the success of our grassland restoration at our Cloverdale Coastal Ranches property. She didn't expect what she found. Here are her lessons learned:

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Why does rain smell so good?

Take a good sniff! Doesn't rain smell so good? But where does that great smell come from? Find the answers here.

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Yes, in my backyard!

When you picture “wildlife habitat” a backyard is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Dr. Nicole Heller, our Director of Conservation Science, shares her go-to rules for landscaping that will help native Californian species flourish.

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Minute with Matt: Coast Live Oaks

In this first video, we take you on a trip to POST-protected Pearson-Arastradero Preserve to show you how to identify coast live oaks, the most abundant species of oaks.

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Indigenous Stewardship and Conservation In A Changing World

How did Native Americans influence the ecosystems of the Peninsula? What can we learn from those interactions and how do we apply what we are learning? Dr. Nicole Heller, our Director of Conservation Science, explores these questions and proposes a new approach to understanding our landscape.

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Poison Oak: What You Need to Know

As a poison oak sufferer, I always assumed everyone knew how to identify a patch of the plant, but recently heard a fellow hiker admit they didn’t know what it looked like! So I did some research.

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