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We’re excited to have recently protected a 182-acre inholding within the El Sereno Open Space Preserve, located on the peak and slopes of El Sereno mountain and owned and managed by our partners at the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District (Midpen). It feels good to be celebrating another significant win for South Bay land conservation and to have secured another key piece in our growing network of protected open spaces.

El Sereno POST
This newly protected property is outlined in red. Click to zoom in.

You don’t need to have visited this preserve to appreciate its value. Chances are you have enjoyed the view of its expansive open space when looking west to the ridgeline from Los Gatos, Monte Sereno and Saratoga or perhaps when driving down Highway 280. This 1,361-acre preserve is a key part of the iconic backdrop for these South Bay communities and a critical ingredient to the quality of life for millions of South Bay residents.

If you have visited the preserve, you’re familiar with the incredible vista points that are gained from hiking, biking, and horseback riding on trails that reach over 2,000 feet above the Santa Clara Valley. From the ridgeline you can see the Lexington Reservoir, Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve and south to the entrance of Coyote Valley.

The steep topography and canyons of the property and surrounding preserve provide chaparral and forested habitats suitable for mountain lions, deer, coyotes, bobcats and a variety of resident and migratory birds.The protection of this property also provides permanent contiguous land connections for public access. By purchasing this property, POST has succeeded in closing a gap in ownership of the Aquinas Trail located within the preserve (a section of the Bay Area Ridge Trail – find the map here).

Partners Make it Possible

When Midpen initiated the purchase of this 182-acre inholding within their El Sereno Open Space Preserve property earlier this year, they knew it’d be contingent upon securing a sizable grant from the California State Wildlife Conservation Board. This funding, like so much of life this year, was unfortunately delayed due to the pandemic. But Midpen didn’t want to miss this opportunity to find the funding needed to close this deal, so they turned to us at POST to lend a hand.

We know protecting this land is enough cause for celebration. But what we’re especially proud of here at POST is not necessarily just that the land is now conserved but how we went about conserving it and the partnership we have developed over many decades with our friends at Midpen.

This, to us, is the real victory.

POST is now the interim landowner of this property as Midpen works to secure the funding to reimburse POST for the full purchase price. It’s perhaps one of the best example locally of how well a publicly funded (Midpen) and a privately funded (POST) organization can work together to achieve a common goal. By working together and leveraging our collective assets, expertise and knowledge we can achieve so much for our communities and the land that surrounds us – something decades of experience and relationships have perfected.


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