In August 2023, POST and Dr. Samuel Singer from Wyoming Stargazing gave a talk exploring the annual celestial phenomenon known as the Perseid Meteor Showers. We are resharing this astronomical talk with our community for a limited time. Sign up using the form on this page to access to the prerecorded video through August 31, 2024.


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“Meteor Magic: Exploring the Perseid Meteor Shower”

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About the Talk

The Perseid meteor shower is one of the most anticipated celestial events of the year, captivating skywatchers and astronomy enthusiasts around the world. It occurs annually from mid-July to late August, with its peak usually observed around the second week of August. Named after the constellation Perseus, from which they appear to originate, the Perseids treat us to a celestial spectacle like no other.

But what causes this mesmerizing display? We’ve reached out to our friend Dr. Samuel Singer to help uncover the starry mystery. We’ll also share a list of places you can go on your own to view the dazzling display in the Bay Area. 

Join POST, Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority, and astronomy educator Dr. Samuel Singer for a recorded webinar that will uncover the astronomical history and science phenomenon of the Perseid meteor shower. Check out the last online event we hosted with Dr. Sam called “Exploring the Night Sky.”

About the Speaker

Samuel Singer, PhD, is an astronomy educator and founder and executive director of Wyoming Stargazing. He has been recognized by NASA as a volunteer Solar System Ambassador, as well as by the IGES and NASA in their Top Stars program for an astronomy lesson plan he wrote. In 2013, Samuel completed his doctorate degree in Science Education from the University of Wyoming. His dissertation research focused on spirituality in outdoor environmental education. After wrapping up his dissertation, he founded Wyoming Stargazing as a way to further his passion for helping others explore the Universe. On his time off, he enjoys meditation, backcountry skiing, yoga and long distance running. Samuel currently splits his time between Jackson, Wyoming and Boulder Creek, California where he lives with his partner Becca, their two dogs, Monte and Grover, and a newborn baby, Simone.

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