In the lush garden of nature, queerness blooms like a fabulous flower. It flips the script on traditional narratives of what’s natural, rewriting them with extra flair. 💫

🌈 Did you know scientists have observed queerness in over 1500 species (and not just in captivity!)? Join Megan Nguyen (they/she) at POST and Dr. Christine Wilkinson, a renowned conservation scientist, science communicator, and National Geographic Explorer, as we delve into the complexities of queerness in nature. This event celebrates June LGBTQ+ Pride Month and the beauty of diversity in nature. 🌿

What you’ll learn at this online event:

  • 🔍Discover what “queer” means in nature and how it challenges binary norms. We’ll take a mini deep dive into queer ecology before learning about species examples.
  • 🌟 Learn about captivating vignettes of queer behavior in different taxa (like the difference between mammals and fish), unraveling the mysteries behind why certain behaviors and life histories have evolved. This will be the main focus of the presentation.
  • 🏳️‍🌈Find out the buzz with #QueerIsNatural and why it matters to us humans. From navigating book bans to reshaping equity and policies, we’ll unpack why this movement has stirred up so much enthusiasm and its implications for society.

Content Warning: This event will contain ample discussion of sexual behavior in the (non-human) animal kingdom. Some information may be deemed “PG-13”. Viewer discretion is advised.

🌈 Explore the colorful world of nature with “Queer is Natural”! Join Megan and Dr. Christine Wilkinson virtually on June 5th at 7PM as we dive into the fascinating phenomenon of queerness in the animal kingdom. To be perfectly queer (pun intended), this event is a must for anyone curious about the natural world and its queer connections.

Register today to secure your spot. See you there!

P.S. Check out an interview we did with Dr. Christine, aka @TheScrappyNaturlist last year about her TikTok Series “Queer Is Natural.” 

About the Speaker

Christine Wilkinson, PhD, is a conservation scientist and science communicator based at UC Berkeley and the California Academy of Sciences. Her work focuses on the social-ecological drivers of human-wildlife interactions and how our relationships with nature are underpinned by environmental justice. Christine earned her doctorate degree in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management from UC Berkeley, and currently conducts research and conservation outreach in Nakuru County, Kenya and the Bay Area. She is a National Geographic Explorer, co-founder of Black Mammalogists Week, director of the Humans and Hyenas Alliance, and creator of a popular social media series called “Queer Is Natural” – about queerness in the natural world. During her time off, she enjoys taiko drumming with San Francisco Taiko Dojo, running, ocean adventures, and playing with her perfect angel of a dog, River. You can learn more about Christine on her website at and follow her on TikTok @thescrappynaturalist.

Photo by Amanda López/National Geographic

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