Working in Partnership

Wildlife birdPOST has a long and productive history of working with charitable foundations and government agencies to protect and care for open spaces—collaborations that provide the funding and stewardship critical to the success of our mission.

We accomplish much more through public- and private-sector partnerships than any of us can achieve alone. Contributions and grants from foundations, businesses and public agencies fuel the achievement of our mutual objectives and give us the ability to act quickly when critical properties become available.

Public Agency Partners

Strategic collaborations with public agencies help POST pursue our land protection goals and ensure that what we save is taken care of into the future. POST partners with local, state and national agencies to acquire land and transitions protected properties to them for long-term ownership and management. Public agencies manage the land for natural resource conservation, working land productivity and to provide the recreational opportunities we all enjoy.


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Steve Abbors from Midpeninsula
“Working shoulder to shoulder with POST through the years, we have established a magnificent, permanent greenbelt in one of the most urbanized regions of the country. Our partnership is responsible for protecting and caring for much of the natural beauty that defines our region and ensuring that this remains a unique and wonderful place to live and work.”

—Steve Abbors, Former General Manager of the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District

Private Foundation Partners

The high cost of land in our region means an organization like POST needs diverse and creative sources of funding. We work closely with environmentally focused foundations to do what we do best – buy land for permanent protection and public access.

Our foundation partners have catalyzed some of POST’s largest successes. The David and Lucile Packard Foundation and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation jump-started POST’s Saving the Endangered Coast campaign in 2001 by providing two matching $50 million grants. Through this campaign, POST raised $200 million to protect 20,000 acres on the San Mateo Coast.

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