In April, POST completed the purchase of a 74-acre farm in San Gregorio. The property, which sits along San Gregorio Creek on Highway 84 just east of Highway 1, has been lovingly farmed for generations. Since 1968, the same family has grown pesticide-free peas, beans, strawberries and pumpkins on this beautiful parcel of land. When the family made the difficult decision to sell, POST was able to purchase the land and ensure that the farming tradition continued. In fact, we have already arranged for a family member to keep the property productive this planting season.

There are several things that make these 74 acres special. To start, the soil is extremely fertile — the majority of the acreage designated as prime soils, the USDA’s top category for farmland. In addition, the farm’s location on San Gregorio Creek has been identified as a top priority watershed by the California Coastal Commission and the National Marine Fisheries Service for steelhead trout habitat. In addition to the steelhead, the property is home to a variety of threatened and endangered plants and animals. An onsite reservoir and irrigation system mean that farming on the property can continue with minimal impact on the surrounding environment — a critical feature during this historic drought. Finally, as you travel along this scenic corridor, its hard to image anything but the bucolic property that is nestled within this curve in the road. Your support made it possible for POST to buy this iconic farm and protect it for generations to come.

You may already know that, in addition to the Muzzi property, POST has a long history of protecting farmland. But did you know that you can also eat food grown on POST-protected land? Learn how at the“Get Your Veggies” link below!

Get Your Veggies
Get Your Veggies
Daphne Miller Lecture 5-11
Daphne Miller Lecture 5-11
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Meet the Markegard Family This Sunday
Meet the Markegard Family This Sunday

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