Ensuring Landscape Resilience with Region-Wide Benefits

Coyote Valley is one of the last remaining large, undeveloped valley floors that connects 1.13 million acres of core wildlife habitat across two mountain ranges, the Santa Cruz and Diablo Ranges. Its conservation is a matter of considerable urgency.

Our work in Coyote Valley will safeguard wildlife passageways between the two mountain ranges and protect the region’s biodiversity, buffer adjacent and downstream communities against flood risk, preserve the largest drinking water aquifer recharge area in Santa Clara County (Laguna Seca) and promote environmentally-friendly agricultural and recreational activities.

We are collaborating with public and private partners, including the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority, to protect and uplift the uniquely critical Coyote Valley landscape.

Areas of Impact

To date, POST has protected two important pieces of land in Coyote Valley, and we continue to build a conservation movement and explore opportunities to preserve priority connectivity areas of this “last chance landscape.”


Coyote Valley

Preserving the long-term health of our region.
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Fisher’s Bend

Protecting an important mecca for wildlife.
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Hawk Coyote Valley - POST

Fisher Flats

Creating a viable and resilient landscape.
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Coyote Valley Program Map
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Help us turn a last chance landscape into a lasting landscape.

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