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You don't have to be a raptor to appreciate Wavecrest's salt air or the view of whales spouting offshore.

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*Dogs are welcome on-leash at POST-protected Wavecrest. Please pick up after your pets and respect other visitors.

Directions: Wavecrest is located off Highway 1 in Half Moon Bay. From Highway 92 west go south on Highway 1 and drive about 1.5 miles to Wavecrest Road. Wavecrest Road will be your next right after you pass Higgins Canyon Road. Turn right at Wavecrest Road. You’ll see Cameron’s Pub and the double decker bus on the corner of Wavecrest Rd and Highway 1. (If you see Redondo Beach Road you’ve gone too far south on Highway 1.) Drive to the end of Wavecrest Road and park. You’ll see the baseball diamonds on your right.

In January 2008, POST entered into a three-year option to purchase and protect 206-acre Wavecrest, an extraordinary natural, recreational and scenic resource for Half Moon Bay and the entire coastside. Look east and you see the saltbox geometry of Johnston House, surrounded by POST-protected agricultural and open space. Behind the house, wooded hills rise to the crest at Skyline Boulevard, and it is easy to imagine a trail that might someday connect the ridge with the sea.

There are many reasons why POST saved Wavecrest, namely to safeguard region’s most important raptor wintering grounds and protect sweeping ocean views and coastal landscape. POST also had a vision to preserve Half Moon Bay’s last undeveloped land bridge from Highway 1 to the sea, as well as create a California Coastal Trail segment and connections to other protected lands.

The purchase of Wavecrest exemplifies what POST does best—moving quickly to save land when the opportunity arises and working with willing sellers in the interest of the public good. As we enter into a planning stage to help us determine the long-range use of the property, we look forward to working with community members, city officials, public agency partners, the Coastside Land Trust, private donors and all others committed to charting Wavecrest’s future for the benefit of all.

Watch for:

Whales, harbor seals, pelicans, hawks and wildflowers.

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